We have 3 bright and inviting rooms for the children to play in. Each room is fully equipped with age appropriate toys and lots of engaging and fun filled activities on offer to them. 

We also have a large garden with a variety of climbing apparatus, a built in sandpit, a digging area, mud kitchen, water features for the children to explore and a shaded decking area for those particularly hot and rainy days ensuring the children still have access to the great outdoors at all times.

In our Baby room (Starfish room) we can accommodate up to 8 babies ranging from 3 months to 18 months.

There are a wide variety of activities to help stimulate our babies ensuring all individual needs are met, promoting diversity, equality, inclusion and british values.

Music sessions where the babies are able to join in with actions and sounds, often using instruments to aid this and promote their personal, social and emotional development.

We offer lots of sensory based activities such as paint, sand, water, shaving foam all of which helps to develop their creativity and sensory skills.

Our environment encourages childrens physical skills such as sitting, crawling, standing and walking for the very first time

Our babies have their own outside play area attatched to the room however we do encourage for the children to socialise with the children and staff from other age ranges. This also helps to make transitioning into the next room a familiar concept as they already know their new practitioners and the children.

In our Toddler room (Turtles) we can accommodate up to 7 toddlers. For toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years old.

Within this room we have children and adult led activities which include:

Singing and music time
A wide variety of roleplay opportunities such as dressing up, cleaning sets, hairdressers and a home corner
Dancing and movement using instruments to create their own beats and rhythms
Circle and story time
Creative Activities including painting, play dough, sticking, gluing etc
Construction toys such as lego, mega blocks and building sets
Visual timetables

Our staff help and encourage our Toddlers to develop their knowledge of Colours, Shapes and Numbers.

Our Toddlers also benefit from our spacious garden area on a daily basis and enjoy playing in a stimulating environment with bright colourful varied activities. 

In our Pre-School room (Sharks) we can accommodate up to 16 children ranging from 3 years to 5 years old.

In preschool our staff are encouraging independence, problem solving and ensuring there are lots of school readiness activties for when they fly the nest and leave to go to primary school. All of our staff are trained to work alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Covering all aspects of their development. Personal, Social & Emotional development. Physical development. Communication and Language. Mathematics. Literacy. Arts & Design and Understanding of the World. All of these areas of development will encourage our pre-school children to learn skills and understanding in:

Shapes, Colours
Alphabet and Numbers
Phonics aiding development in letter recognition and writing
Creative & Sensory Activities
Music sessions
Circle & Story time
Role play and Home corner
Learning to write their names

The Garden

In our spaceous garden area there are a variety of different toys and physical activties available for the children to choose and explore depending on their interests.

Alongside the apparatus we have bikes, scooters and cars which the children thoroughly enjoy.

We promote mark making in the garden providing chalk boards, easels, tables and an array of arts and crafts supplies to support this.

The children have access to sand and water at all times whilst playing in our garden and particularly enjoy those summer days when the paddling pool and sprinklers come out to play. 

Nursery Trips

At Little Dolphins we like to promote exploring their local surroundings and communities, we do this by taking the children on a fortnightly trip to a local care home where we brighten their day singing songs and dancing, sharing toys, playing games and handing out sandwiches to the residents.

We also take the children on trips to the park, our local firestation, the library, supermarkets, the beach at bluewater, Bostal Heath, the alotment, pets at home etc.

We also have people from the community who visit the setting for fun activities.

These include zoo lab, tiny tekkers, dentists, nurses and community support officers.

"Thankyou Little Dolphins for putting on a fun packed day for our little ones, very lucky children. Thankyou for capturing their fun in pictures for us to see"

The Beach at Bluewater 

The Allotment

The Care home 

The Park 

Bostal Heath

 "Love that they have these little outings,
looks like they had fun!"

"What a lovely place to take the children to explore nature, well done girls" 

 The Care home

"Just brilliant!!!"

"Thanks so much for today! It was such a wonderful experience! Really enjoyed the trip with you all and can only recommend it! x" 

 The Beach at Bluewater

 The Fire Station

"Thanks so much!! looks like they had a fab time"

"Thankyou for arranging, looks like they all had a great time"

 Dentist visiting Little Dolphins

 Zoo Lab visiting Little Dolphins

 "How lovely for the children to see all those different creatures, well done ladies!!"